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Methods, models, and solutions / we will use to meet your needs


As part of a negotiated support package, we can offer a full review of the research problem being addressed, including an evaluation of the accompanying survey or data collection, to make sure that research questions, methods, and measurement scales are optimal for achieving the objectives of the study. We will help you design and build your survey, collect your data, and analyse your results. Through our expertise and experience, we will be able to contribute to improved efficiency and visibility of your enterprise.

  • Model-supported decision aid
  • Needs and feasibility based problem definition
  • Deep knowledge of social science theories
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary approach
  • Simultaneously focusing on project, stakeholders and process
  • Project management by Logical Framework Approach
  • Configuration management, monitoring and evaluation via baseline investigation
  • Sample design preparation that is optimised for your research / production
  • Questionnaire development for successful research and problem solving
  • Screening, online focus groups and online interviews with custom question types
  • Custom systems, including dynamic survey software
  • Basic data analysis and hypothesis testing
  • Diagnostic tools to find the most promising areas for transformation
  • Multivariate data analysis, statistical models
  • Cooperative business experience
  • Report preparation including presentation materials
  • Integrated approach, institutionalisation/implementation of research
  • Data integration into your database/knowledge system
  • Data entry services for printed surveys and data forms

    We have developed fertile approaches for participatory processes of change and for uniting different parties, diversified groups, and varying levels of administration/community into working towards common goals, thus enhancing work environment, productivity and institutional/organisational set up.
    We can work in a team-leading role within frameworks of public-private partnership, or cooperative/collective business models, to develop patterns of innovation through cooperation between government/institutions and business. As an instrument, we wil, for instance,l implement workshops designed to build a critical mass of passionate activists/coworkers who can take up news directions.

    We often focus on initiating learning/changing processes, which strengthen participation and communication and thus lead to broadly based skill enhancement. This includes initiating and facilitating processes, where project participants are encouraged to:

    • Identify challenges, needs and problems and prioritise between them; formulate common goals and plans of action; constitute project groups and agree on the division of responsibilities; define expected progress, and set a time table for project activities during implementation.
    • Evaluate results and performance in order to learn from experience.


    The results we seek to obtain are particularly related to the development of attitudes and skills, such as the ability to:

    • Create an atmosphere of trust and confidence; listen actively to counterparts; communicate and explore options; clarify problems, needs and challenges; prioritise options and implement conclusions; offer feed-back; and evaluate personal and organisational performance.
    • Combine these approaches with the assertion of the interests of the parties, firms or institutions involved.






























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