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Services / Third world analyses


Jakobsgaard Research offers consulting and project management services in a range of areas. One of our aims is to respond to the growing needs of governments, donor agencies, civil society organisations and other development actors in order to create sound policies and practices, furthering sustainability and quality of performance.

Key areas of third world practice and analysis:

  • Development Research, African Studies advice
  • Country reports and political prognoses
  • Studies of poverty, inequality and discrimination
  • Democratisation and institution building: background analysis
  • Investigations into good governance, institution building, participation and service delivery
  • Planning of development aid projects including applications for funding
  • Development aid projects: policy advice, supervision, monitoring
  • Evaluations of aid effectiveness
  • Advice on issues like project aid vs programme aid vs cash transfer progammes vs general budgetary support, economic rate of return, conditionality, transparency, accountability, etc.
  • NGO consultancies: organisational, political, and practical advice; advocacy and spokesmanship for NGOs working to promote economic and social development, ensuring of responsiveness to legitimate demands and needs
  • Marketing of programmes, putting together bankable fund raising proposals
  • Participatory processes: help to capacity building in organisations
  • Labour union, equal opportunities, and human rights issues counselling
  • Community/organisational development: decentralisation and resource mobilisation guidance
  • Empowerment advice: gender in development, non-violent and cross-cultural communication
  • Analysis of social dimensions of health sector issues and environmental change
  • Deployment of methodological tools in connection with migration issues
  • Lectures and seminars dealing with development economics, globalisation, human rights theories, racism, xenophobia, democratisation and reconciliation, southern African trade patterns, foreign intervention in local conflicts, etc.















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