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Services / Publication support functions


Jakobsgaard Research offers services in a number of areas regarding publication, dissemination and presentation. Media professionals linked to Jakobsgaard Research can help you reach your goals in specialised areas of investigative journalism as well as in general book production.

Media and communication work:

  • Project planning, process supervision, evaluations
  • Publication advice and preparation
  • Book editing
  • Report writing
  • Freelance journalistic research
  • Research for documentaries
  • Mediation of culture and science
  • Research communications
  • Writing of articles on a freelance basis
  • Features, portraits, interviews, preparations for TV-journalism
  • Company information folders, organisation magazines
  • Media counseling, spin doctoring
  • Ghostwriting
  • Pre- and post-publishing reviews
  • Translation services
  • Plagiarism control
  • Help to speeches and talks
  • Web-design for academic, corporate and private sites
  • Web texts cut out especially for your site
  • Web structuring using CMS, CSS, professional graphics and illustrations
  • Library systems guidance
  • Fundraising for publishing
  • Thematic entertainment-economy projects


















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