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Services / Capacity for historical research


Jakobsgaard Research offers specialist counselling in areas regarding history, lifestyles and culture.

  • Historical consulting in general
  • Outlines, synopses, drafts, concepts, and design for present and future research
  • Copy-editing, proofreading, and fact-checking of books, research articles, documentaries, movies, and other media
  • Organising of conferences, seminars and events
  • Research in corporate history
  • Company history-making and profiling that let businesses use their past to energise their present
  • Historical investigations of any kind: genealogy, business history, public policy
  • Planning of databases and systems for archiving, including digital archives records management
  • Recommendations for library book acquisitions
  • Dissemination of African art through intermediation between artists, museums and galleries
  • Appraisals, valuations, and advice for acquisition, transport and sale of antiques and historical artefacts
  • Planning of museum exhibitions and shows
  • Lectures and seminars dealing with liberal and radical theories of change and modernisation, western colonialist innovations and misdeeds, history of panafricanism and international solidarity, southern African history, the oppressive and liberatory role of the church in Africa, Nelson Mandela's importance for the world, etc.










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