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Services / Business consultancy tasks



Jakobsgaard Research instructs companies on ethical conduct when acting abroad. Due to many kinds of research involvements, we are used to mapping and analysing new fields of responsibility. Our associated experts are familiar with persistent solitary studies, hard-core field work, cooperative project research and hectic team-work in difficult environments.

Key fields of advice include:

  • Advice on fair trade, taxation policies, corporate governance, third world marketing, and social responsibility
  • Counselling on anti-corruption, non-racial conduct, cross-cultural understanding and gender equality
  • Professional lobbyism and media advise to governmental institutions, and trade and industry
  • Conflict resolution and negotiations advice
  • Situational assessments, elaboration of crisis situations, finding possibilities in displacement and migration
  • Strengthening of managerial as well as organisational structures
  • Facilitation of strategic plans, business plans, and annual operational plans
  • Identification of third world business partners
  • Investigations into African production holding import potentials for western based companies
  • Tourism case studies, advise to travel agencies, content marketing on social media
  • Lecturing on African social science and economic history themes, including traditional economic structures and current investment patterns, free trade versus state intervention and protectionism, World Bank / IMF analyses, structural adjustment policies, informal sectors in fragile states, BRICS and transitional economies, Chinese competition, south-south cooperation, and South Africa as a gateway to Africa and a model for the region.














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