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Results / Some work examples


Please find below links to a small selection of work produced with the assistance of experts attached to Jakobsgaard Research, including research reports, reviews, papers and articles, journals edited, book contributions, teaching plans, conference arrangements, cover pages, contents, etc. Most of our work are, however, exclusively published by our clients.
Some example documents will open in a new tab. You will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to read certain documents. Large files could take a little time to open.

i Material for Operation Day's Work
i Country analysis in Danish on South African economic models made for OD
i Mandela-obituary in Danish for the NGO Africa Contact
i Research publication series edited and layouted for CAS, Copenhagen
i PowerPoint presentation made for lecture on Nelson Mandela
i Book by Southern Africa Contact / Danida
i Chapter in NETREED research report
i On research technique, PP-presentation
i Foreign and Nordic transitional aid to South Africa, PP-presentation
i South African distribution policies, PP-presentation
i Article in Danish magazine, WOZA
i Chapter in Danish book: Aktivister mod apartheid
i Review in Canadian Journal of African Studies
i Review in African Affairs
i Swedish book on SA, proofreading / facts control
i AIF report, editing
i Programme from a conference organised for the Nordic Africa Institute
i Article in the Danish National Encyclopaedia
i Research project synopsis: South African Business History
i Research project synopsis in Danish: South African Education Policy
i Historical Power Point presentation: Colonial expansion in Southern Africa

i Teaching theme developed for CAS seminar
i Photo documentation from conference on South African history arranged for NAI/CAS






































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