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Services / Databases

i Access to Jakobsgaard Research databases (external pages)


We offer free access to a range of our own databases through this website. Most of them are in FileMaker format. When our server is open to the Internet, you will be able to access some of these databases.

Jakobsgaard Research can help you structure and publish your own databases in FileMaker, Access, or most other database formats.

The following databases are often accessible via FileMaker Web Publishing. Use the link at the top of the page. Some tables will open automatically in a specific layout, others can be opened by choosing the guest account, and some will require a password. In this instance, the Account/Username will most often be “visitor” and the password one of those used elsewhere on the website. If you need a password, try to contact us.

LitSA South Africa Literature ResFund, funding list
LitSA South Africa Literature ConfList, list of relevant conferences and seminars
LitSA South Africa Literature LitSA, literature on Southern Africa and development policies
ContAcad research contacts ContAcad, research contacts, organisations, and institutes
SAyears chronology SAyears, chronology over Southern African history
SAshort abbreviations SAshort, list of abbreviations / organisations
LitProf general literature LitProf, general social science literature
Stoltens debate notes blog Stolten's media notes blog, newspaper clippings
HistOrd ordforråd ResWords, social science vocabulary
ITsoft software list ITsoft software list
Manual Literature Manual Literature

Only those databases that are open for work at any given moment can be accessed. If you want other tables opened, "skype" or e-mail us. However, access also depends of the network protection or firewall your PC is situated behind. Your workplace web-administrator should open port 5003, 80, 443, 591-599, and maybe some others. Your private/home-network will often allow access even when your institutional won't. IWP also requires Java-script to be enabled on web browsers that are used to access shared files. Databases will open in a new tab. When you log out of a database, you will be sent back to the FileMaker Web Publishing page.

The first two records in a database will often contain information on the content of the tables. It will often be practical to go to the last record in a record set and then move backwards through the records, since the last one will usually be the most recent/updated entry.
You can view any specific record in several different ways. Layout “guest” will often give an overview of the available fields. Choose layout “notes” to see or make comments or “footnotes” to copy relevant fields to your Word document. View as “Form” will give the best impression of the single record, while View as “Table” will allow you to see multiple records as a list.

About the databases
ResFund: Database containing information on scholarships, grants and other kinds of research funding. So far, mostly in Danish.
LitProf: References to general non-fiction literature on history, politics, economics, etc. Most comments are in Danish.
ResWords: Vocabulary. Historical and philosophical, technical and professional terms. Mostly in Danish.
Stolten's media notes blog: Mixed thematic notes and comments, extracts from newspaper and journal articles on development policies, foreign policy and other topical issues from the media debate. Mostly in Danish. Feel free to add your comments.
LitSA: This database is a research literature database. It contains more than 6500 partly annotated references dealing with Southern African history and historiography, development research, literature on Africa, study techniques etc.
ContAcad: List containing more than 1000 academic contacts and institutions relevant for research in African history and social science.
SAyears: Chronological list of events in South African history including apartheid era race legislation. So far, most explanations are in Danish.
SAshort: List of abbreviations for organisations, political parties, institutions etc.


































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