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About us / who we are



Jakobsgaard Research is an independent consultancy headed by Hans Erik Jakobsgaard Stolten and based 15 km south of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hans Erik holds an MA and a PhD from University of Copenhagen, where he has worked as a lecturer and assistant professor for several years. For some years, he was a research fellow of the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. Before that, he worked for the Public Record Office and the Department for Taxes and Duties in Denmark.
To get an impression of Hans Erik’s university based research and teaching, choose Africa Resources from the Portfolio of services menu. That will link to his personal website.

Jakobsgaard Research offers assistance to research in several areas and on different levels. We can assist with the development of research projects, carry out the implementation of practical research, manage surveys from beginning to end, or advice at any stage of the process. We are ready to undertake assignments in a broad range of project areas through own expertise, partnerships or sub-contracting. We take responsibility for project quality.

Being a small firm, we rely on frequent cooperation with a network of associated researchers, analysts, and consultants with experience from academia and the education sector, national aid organisations, NGOs, public authorities, and the private sector. In addition to its small core staff, JR can draw on a resource base of specialists from the arts and social sciences. We also cooperate with development experts, working in fields like institution building, human resources and community development in third world and transitional economies.

We support all phases of the project cycle:

  • Identification and pre-project studies, formulation and appraisal of projects
  • Implementation, operation, and management of research
  • Ongoing research dialogue
  • reviewing and evaluation of projects

We will work closely together with your staff to determine the best approach to your project by formulating the research problem and developing a research plan. Together we will produce the research report that meets your needs.

Our associates have broad-spectrum work experience and deep expertise from developing countries as well as from organisations and companies in Nordic and other advanced economies. Using state of the art IT-tools, we are able to communicate solutions to clients in any part of the world.

JR considers itself a combination of consultancy, research cooperation, think-tank, and non-governmental academic organisation. With much of our work in the donor funded sector, we carry out multidisciplinary studies of economy, politics, civil society, education, culture, and international relations.

We do not directly implement long-term, on-site projects. Our role is to provide support to institutions, individuals, organisations, donors and their implementing partners. Among our activities are:

  • Organising comparative studies of important issues facing the third world
  • Arranging forums, symposia, and seminars on development issues
  • Organising international academic exchanges and coordinating academic cooperation
  • Promoting the collection, translation and dissemination of documents, books, special works, articles, and data regarding the third world
  • Providing consulting and training services related to third world issues
  • Advocating socially sustainable economic exchanges between South and North


We research your records, interview key personalities and bring your story to life through creative writing. We take great pride in putting genuine social science quality into all our work; both in narrowly defined analyses and in broader investigations. We seek to deliver excellence, to catalyse and promote innovation, and stimulate strategic thinking in relation to different kinds of development schemes and programmes.
With a base in the Nordic tradition, the values and techniques of Democratic Dialogue Approach and Participative Design are integrated features in our consultancy work. We emphasises dialogue both as an expression of democratic values and as a generative mechanism, as a means to generate efficient discourse, strategic measures and solutions, transparency and consensus. However, we are less into "good news stories" and more adapted to the process of cognition of reality.
Our work has taught us that making breakthroughs requires the juxtaposition of a strong desire to improve things, a bold agenda for transition and an overt bias for action.
We preserve and examine the past, find answers and tell noteworthy stories. We are confident that our expertice can be useful to you. You are welcome to contact us for further inquiries.







































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